The Man in the Office

Andy spent 4 years at Coventry University and, after graduating with a masters in Transport Design, (essentially very precise "colouring in"), he landed a placement at TVR where he worked with the design team on the Sagaris. Andy was offered at job at TVR where he worked on the Tuscan II interior and a Sagaris facelift project.


He co-started Surface and Design in 2007 and has since acquired the management skills to direct the company through the past 5 years.


Outside of work Andy can be found somewhere in the icy waves of North Wales surfing the swell, or causing avalanches in the Alps as he enjoys stretching his snowboarding legs.


Rhiannon Browning

Undertaking all the “nitty gritty” of paperwork and numbers, Rhiannon has helped to steer the business  to success and has proven herself as a petrol head with the ownership and renovation of a Land Rover Leightweight which is soon to be found trawling the green lanes of lancashire.


Adrian Hook

Since 2009 “Super” Adrian has been preparing cars at S&D ready for their final top coat of paint. With 8 years experience at TVR he knows the effort needed to provide that top quality finish, and enjoys seeing the grin factor on customers faces as they drive away.


His refinishing skills extend outside of work to a few classic VWs which he is currently restoring. He looks forward to the day he can take his family in the VW camper wherever the road takes him and chill out with his guitar and a couple of beers.

Mike Williams

Mike joined the team in March 2010 having worked at TVR for 20 years as the ‘man with the contacts’, liasing with dealers in the Sales Admin section, and organising the distribution of parts to the UK and overseas.  


He has a Motor Vehicle City & Guilds qualification and is also a Member of the Institute of the Motor Industry, meaning he can sign Mike Williams M.I.M.I when he wants to feel clever!


He now works alongside Andy in the office, putting his unhealthy fascination with all things TVR to good use.  He enjoys meeting fellow enthusiasts, sharing sports car stories and generally ‘talking TVR’.


In 10 years he hopes to either be retired or a millionaire, whichever comes first!

The Graduate

Kane joined the team in August 2009 as a wee boy finishing his college education at Blackpool and the Fylde College. He has since impressed the socks off the partners and is  now in full time employment with the company after completing his City & Guild qualification in summer 2011.


He plans to be the big boss man running the company in 10 years time, and the way he’s going, no one would be too surprised…

“Sir” Trevor Cooper

Trevor worked for a dedicated 24 years at TVR as a Production Engineer, where he was involved with the development of all models from the ‘S’ onwards.


He joined Surface and Design in September 2009 and now spends his days dismantling and rebuilding customers’ vehicles, and being involved in the design and implementation of some of the exclusive improvements and upgrades Surface and Design offers on the existing TVR model range.


Trevor enjoys working on a wide variety of cars that come into the workshop, skilfully piecing them back together more agreeably than when they arrived.


He says “I find it personally satisfying to be part of a team that strives to produce the best work possible for our customers”


Malcolm Ashworth

Malcolm has been with the boys from day one, and is renown for having the softest, most dexterous painting hands in the industry. His attention to detail, and his considered approach results in the finest of finishes for all vehicles that pass through his paint bay.


Malcolm’s knowledge of TVR paints is second to none, he understands all the trickeries that make each shade “tick” and can identify a paint code from 20 yards!


Old man Dave

The Old Man worked in the TVR bodyshop for years and years. And years.

Dave, along with fellow partners Mick and Andy began Surface & Design in April 2007, bringing vast amounts of crash repair experience with him, and vaster amounts of wisdom that can only come with a maturity in years.


He enjoys the culture of the team, and the peaceful way the workshop runs. Dave’s relaxed approach to life continues outside of work when he can be found sauntering in the scenery of the Lake District or doing a spot of quiet fishing.


In 10 years time, old man Dave hopes to be slowing things down further into his retirement.

Mick Cartridge

Mick is the third partner of Surface and Design and specialises in sublime surfacing to the highest standards.


He worked in the bodyshop at TVR for 21 years and progressed from bodyshop foreman overseeing quality control, to design and development surfacer on all new cars.

Like all boys Mick loves fast cars like his pride and joy - a Mk II 1.2 Golf in white and russet brown.